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Amazing. Almost perfect!

One of the best thought through apps Ive see yet. The interface is wonderfull. My daughter is addicted. "Dad can I do some math?" is said at least once a day in my household. Only down side is that sometimes she changes the type of math by mistake and loses her stars. Very upsetting for a 5 year old. Also the amount of stars won should be the score and not be limted.

Good start

I was happy to purchase this for my six year old girl. She really did enjoy it. We were dissapointed that after getting four stars no more showed up on the tally so we had no idea how much more she needed to play before she got the promised surprise at the end. Also she thought the voices sounded "funny". Im looking forward to further updates. This is a great start. Good job

A Most Magical App for Your Kids!

This little app is one that will get your kids thinking about math. It has a very easy to use interface, and incorporates a good use of colours, and rewards to keep your little ones wanting to "play". My daughter (5 yrs) enjoys this app so much, I may need to surrender my iPod Touch to her, and go buy an iPhone! It has improved quite a bit since version 1.0, so if you enjoy apps that actually help your kids LEARN, and not only amuse them, I would give this app a shot.

Solid and fun math practice

Good math practice program. My daughter has had fun playing it and earning flowers and ribbons as she gets correct answers. Happy that the app has been updated and improved. Much easier now to customize the difficulty of the problems. Thanks. Would like to see a bit faster transition to the next problem after a correct answer, perhaps add an adjustable delay to settings screen.

Please fix

It would be nice to move the tool bar to the top of the view, for kids this would stop them from accidentally changing what is being worked on. Example a child has been instructed to work on adding, then it is on multiplication.....this is hard for kids not to touch the bottom of the screen. I hope it will be changed, the app is wonderful in every other way. Thanks

Love it!

The app is absolutely fantastic! It features great rewards, and I love how you can change the difficulty level. Bravo!

wont give me a blue one! But useful.

it wont give me a blue sticker which is very lame. I only use this app cause I have to but at least you can make it harder In the settings menu for this app. This is basically the same thing that I can do at school anyway. But it is useful I guess cause cause I have to do it and it works well but just not that much fun is the problem. But anyway,useful app.

Too Bad

In the screenshots it shows groups of items for addition and subtraction drills, but is not the case for division and multiplication drills. Too bad as it is not a very useful App for visual learners or for kids who need to understand the steps to the correct answer. DO NOT expect visual cues for multiplication and division drills, as shown in the + and - screenshots.

Very, Very Nice and well worth it!

I downloaded this for my daughter and at first she was a bit shy to try it. Now she wont give it back to me so I can make phone calls. Funny!!! Nice graphics and the kids and star rewards make her smile. Thank you!

Great for a 4 year old, very basic

Well worth $.99, my son loves it! Loves pushing the "buttons" and earning stars. Good Job

Very Repetitive

Take a nice long look at the screnshot...cause it never changes..different numbers...same screen over and over and over. Gets old quick..even if your 6. It needs more screens that are fun "reward screens". Juice it up with more sounds...maybe funny sound effects. Lets hope for a massive update. 2 stars for effort.

A bit monotonous but worth a buck

As others have commented, needs some more variety to be a real winner. Still worth the money if your kid is interested in playing math and can be kept interested by you just upping the difficilty occasionaly.

Math Magic : A Fun, Exciting Math App for my 4 year old son.

Not too complicated. Simple enough which encourages him to keep trying. He cant wait for me to come home so that he can start playing. Every correct Math is greeted with a very cute Baby Voice "you are Awesome" or " you are Star". Clean and Intitutive Interface and Ease of use. My son loves it. Would love to see more "Levels" and content with ton a new graphics being added. Cant wait for update.

Great app!

My girls love playing this, and Im a big fan of anything that can make my kids enjoy math. The original version 1.0 was really good, and the new tweaks (especially the stickers) in version 1.1 make this even better.

Fast to patch.

I did rate this 1 star but now I rate it 4 stars. The program is perfect for young minds. My kid likes to play around with it. The one star was because of a error in the program, but is now fixed. Thanks.

Teaching math mistakes

My daughter loves this app, but she came to me with a problem and said that the answer to a multiplication problem wasnt in the list. I played it for a while myself and noticed this persistent error in the multiplicaton and division areas. Please fix!

Good job

Complement the addition and subtraction with more graphics(fingers or balls or stars), not just numbers. My 4yr old son did all the addition and subtraction and likes it very much. The words of encouragement are great.

Love this app!

My daughter is in the first grade & they take "speed math" tests. This app has been so helpful! Its so much more fun for her than flash cards! (and cheaper too) We LOVE the positive feedback! The stars, stickers and awards are a great motivator! Thank you!

Very babyish!

This app is okay, except the problems are TOO easy. It needs an update. I wish there were harder problems, and they could add division. sorry for the 1 star dudes. This makes me have mistakes in school it dont even make you smart

It did improve a lot and I change my voting now to 4 stars for the actual version

After a bad start ( 1.Version ) I like the software now much much better. This software is good for children between 4 and 6 years. Thank you

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